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do not be afraid to put a little hair sticky on your virgin mobile hair

Posted on August 13 2013

hey ladies! It’s Kristin again coming to you with a sensitive topic in “virgin hair world.” So when it comes to virgin mobile hair women always say It is here we are at a sew-in.” Though this may be real, some individuals actually do sticky in their virgin mobile additions. Yes I did just say GLUE in their valuable virgin mobile hair. When it comes to hair sticky, a individual generally believes about a black, unpleasant, awkward, difficult, and unpleasant fluid that would seem extremely dangerous to hair. Is this true? Yes women, sticky can very much damage your hair if it is not managed with proper care especially at enough duration of elimination. This is why it is best to have somebody that is a professional with connection sticky handle your hair at enough duration of elimination and set up. Take it easy women, I will get returning to that topic in another publish. So returning to this sticky on virgin mobile hair topic. People ask if it is okay to put sticky on virgin mobile hair. The answer is yes, it is very much ok to put hair sticky on virgin mobile hair wefts. Take it easy because there is a way to put it on and take it off with no damage your valuable virgin mobile hair. Like I have previously said, a individual has to be very cautious when managing hair sticky since it can be destructive to the hair. So right now I am going to give you a few quick tips on what to do to apply and eliminate sticky from those wonderful virgin mobile hair of yours.

First factor is to create sure that the hair sticky gets ONLY on the weft of the monitor and not on the hair during set up. I do it again do not get sticky on the hair; this way the hair is maintained and the elimination procedure is even easier. The best way to ensure that the sticky only variations the weft is to go stable but slowly. human hair weave This way the right amount of sticky is launched from the container and it goes on in a nice style.
The next factor to be sure of is to create sure that your real human hair is secured by a storing cap before connection the hair to your go. This way, the sticky remains connected longer and this also allows some of the sticky to be eliminated from the wefts so there is not that much during the elimination procedure. Making sure that your hair is secured by a storing cap is the best way to keep your hair connected to your head and to also allow a tidier weft for elimination.
Finally, when it comes to the elimination of the sticky from the wefts the procedure can be quite simple. The best factor to do to eliminate the sticky from the weft after the paths are out of your go is to rub the sticky off of the weft in one route. The sticky should have been placed on the weft in a nice style in the beginning so that the elimination procedure is easy. Massaging the sticky off in one route will allow the sticky to have a grow type response significance that the sticky will be self-adhesive linking to itself while you move over the rest of the sticky as you rub. After most of the sticky has been applied off, you will then be able to take a nice refresher such as Organix Grape dairy refresher and massage it onto the weft of the monitor. This will relax any excess sticky and allow for a clean complete as you clean it off. Continue to clean and condition the hair after the first application of refresher and your attractive hair of virgin mobile hair will be normal again.

So women, do not be afraid to put a little hair sticky on your virgin mobile hair. I have actually done this method and I was excellent after the elimination hair weft Remember it is only hair, and do not put it on that high of a stand to be anxious to put connection sticky on it. If you deal with your virgin mobile hair you will be completely excellent in the end. Okay women that is it for the publish and you can opinion any questions or issues below.

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